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Vijayadasami 2018 – A True Opportunity for Vidya Aarambam

By Suchitra Sairam I look forward to Vijayadasami every year. It’s the day to initiate into learning (vidya aarambam) or start other important endeavors – and to recommit ourselves to the path of learning, knowledge and wisdom. This is traditionally for study of the arts and book knowledge – what about our cultural and societal knowledge […]

Bharatanatyam Arangetram of Shreya Mohan – Highlights

Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Gideon S. Ives Theater | Bloomington, MN | 06/23/2018 Nattuvangam – Suchitra Sairam Vocal – Jyothishmathi Sheejith Mridangam – Sheejith Krishna Veena – Prabha Thayalan Flute – Raman Kalyan Videography and Editing – James Pietzman, JP Productions

Immersions and Reflections – Natya Gurukulam 2018

By Suchitra Sairam Though I try not to spend too much time wondering “what if” or “if only” in my life, one thing that I do always wish (and have for many years) is that I had more opportunities to immerse myself in the arts and culture I love, and to learn and share more holistically. […]

Arangetram Season

By Suchitra Sairam Based on my email inbox over the last several months, it is clearly Bharatanatyam Arangetram season in the United States (and perhaps in other places in the Indian diaspora around the world). Countless invitations from excited parents of young aspirants, with links to beautifully crafted websites to boot. But my first question when […]

As we journey with our gurus…

By Suchitra Sairam Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha Gurur Sakshaat Parabrahmaam Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah   The spirit of Guru Purnima is so simple, yet so weighty. We honor and remember those who have taught us, journeyed alongside us, as we evolve into more complete human beings. It’s the big things, the small things, […]